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Paul T. Marks – NDT Consultant

Meet Paul T. Marks, Founder and President of NDT Training & Testing Center Some folks have commented in humor that the middle initial “T” of Paul’s name stands for “training.” Though not the case, training has been both a hallmark and a watershed concept in Paul’s professional life in nondestructive testing. Paul describes his introduction […]

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How does Level III Consulting Services benefit your company? Let’s address the issue of having an ASNT Level III employed or on retainer in order to meet the recommendations of ASNT (The American Society for Nondestructive Testing).  What’s the reason? Quick answer: It’s the law of the land, Codes of Federal Regulation, the building blocks […]

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The Importance of a “Written Practice” This was among the questions that I was asking myself not long after entering the NDT field in 1968.  My employer at that time certainly was not using a Written Practice, even though the ASNT had published their 1st SNT-TC-1a, Recommended Practice for Training, Qualification and Certification of NDT […]

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Qualification vs. Certification One of the most misunderstood aspects of our industry involves the distinction between qualification and certification in relation to NDT technicians. It is very important that EMPLOYERS who oversee the training of NDT TRAINEES understand this process, and more important, make the commitment to that training out of an understanding that the […]

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